Backed By Clinical Evidence

We don’t simply rely on scientific literature to back our claims. View the case studies that use actual EBS products in real equine patients to see the results.

Supply Chain

All products are made in the U.S.A. starting with live birth tissues collected in our facility from certified healthy mares, and manufactured under strict controls the meet the industry standards for human medical devices.


From tissue collection, through processing and manufacture, sterility levels meet the criteria for medical devices.


As horse owners and vets, we understand the importance of solutions that are convenient and easy to use. Most EBS products can be stored at room temperature in your practice, and cryopreserved products are shipped overnight. Our products are ready to use out of the package with minimal handling.


At EBS, we define value as what you get for your money. We’re confident that veterinarians and horse owners alike will agree that EBS products provide the best quality, safety profile, and results for equine lameness and wound repair than anything available on the market today.

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