Regenerative Medicine: Helping The Body Heal Itself

Starting with high-grade equine donor tissues and cells, EBS applies the same technology used in human regenerative medicine to develop safe and effective allograft products that address a range of equine health concerns. Developed by leading medical device and veterinary experts, our innovative products are sterile, easy to use, and readily available for fast treatment turnaround.

The Healing Power of Amnion

Many EBS products are derived from equine amniotic tissue and amniotic fluid, and for good reason. Ample evidence from human and animal clinical studies indicates that amnion is non-immunogenic, or immune privileged. It contains collagen and other extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, and additional beneficial proteins. Amniotic tissue applied to wounds has been shown to reduce scarring, and decreases or even prevents fibrosis during healing. Compared to synthetic or biosynthetic dressings, products made from amnion show faster reepithelialization and reduced healing time. Excitingly, the biological makeup of amniotic tissue and fluid may help recruit the patient’s own stem cells – in other words, helping the body heal itself.

Tissue Collection and Processing: We Never Cut Corners

At EBS, we’re obsessed with ensuring product quality, safety and efficacy. All of our tissue donors are certified healthy mares, many of which are company-owned. These mares are kept at our best-in-class equine reproductive facility/practice from conception to birth. All animal care and tissue recovery is performed by our highly experienced, in-house equine veterinarians who are on call 24/7. Tissue recovery is performed under aseptic conditions in our facility using proprietary techniques that place the safety of both mare and foal as top priority.

EBS allograft products are manufactured in partnership with our Minnesota-based technology affiliate that has over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of allograft and xenograft regenerative medicine products. Proprietary processing methods are carried out in ISO Class 5 clean rooms using rigorous acceptance, screening and testing criteria. The entire Quality Management System meets or exceeds the global standards of 21CFR820, ISO13485 and EN ISO 22442.

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